Validity of a minimally invasive autopsy tool for cause of death determination in pediatric deaths in Mozambique: An observational study

by Quique Bassat, Paola Castillo, Miguel J. Martínez et al.
PLoS Med 14(6): e1002317 – Published 20 June 2017

16 pp. 1.4 MB

Our knowledge of what is killing nearly 6 million children annually in low- and middle-income countries remains poor, partly because of the inadequacy and reduced precision of the methods currently utilized in these settings to investigate causes of death (CoDs). The study objective was to validate the use of a minimally invasive autopsy (MIA) approach as an adequate and more acceptable substitute for the complete diagnostic autopsy (CDA) for pediatric CoD investigation in a poor setting. The authors conclude that the MIA showed substantial concordance with CDA for CoD identification in this series of pediatric deaths in Mozambique. This minimally invasive approach, simpler and more readily acceptable than the more invasive CDA, could provide robust data for CoD surveillance, especially in resource-limited settings, which could be helpful for guiding child survival strategies in the future.

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