Active Case-Finding for Tuberculosis by Mobile Teams in Myanmar: Yield and Treatment Outcomes

by Ohnmar Myint, Saw Saw, Petros Isaakidis et al.
Infect Dis Poverty. 2017; 6: 77 – Published online 2017 June 2

8 pp. 521 kB

Since 2005, the Myanmar National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) has been implementing active case finding (ACF) activities involving mobile teams in hard-to-reach areas. This study revealed the contribution of mobile team activities to total tuberculosis (TB) case detection, characteristics of TB patients detected by mobile teams and their treatment outcomes. This study confirmed the feasibility and acceptability of ACF by mobile teams in hard-to-reach contexts, especially when equipped with portable, digital chest radiography (CXR) machines that provided immediate results. However, the follow-up process of sputum examination created a significant barrier to confirmation of the diagnosis.

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