Effect of point-of-care CD4 cell count results on linkage to care and antiretroviral initiation during a home-based HIV testing campaign: a non-blinded, cluster-randomised trial

by Mitesh A Desai, Dancun O Okal, Charles E Rose et al.
The Lancet HIV – Published Online May 31, 2017

9 pp. 748 kB

HIV disease staging with referral laboratory-based CD4 cell count testing is a key barrier to the initiation of antiretroviral treatment (ART). Point-of-care CD4 cell counts can improve linkage to HIV care among people living with HIV. The authors conclude that point-of-care CD4 cell counts in a resource-limited home-based HIV counselling and testing (HBCT) setting doubled linkage to care and thereby improved ART initiation. Given the substantial economic and logistic hindrances to providing ART for all people with HIV in resource-limited settings in the near term, point of care CD4 cell counts might have a role in prioritising care and improving linkage to care.

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