Twelve months of implementation of health care performance-based financing in Burkina Faso: A qualitative multiple case study

by Valéry Ridde, Maurice Yaogo, Sylvie Zongo et al.
Int J Health Plann Mgmt. 2017;1–15 – First published: 3 July 2017

14 pp. 369 kB

To improve health services’ quantity and quality, African countries are increasingly engaging in performance-based financing (PBF) interventions. Outside the circle of persons trained in PBF, few in the community had knowledge of it. In some health centres, the fact that staff were receiving bonuses was intentionally not announced to populations and community leaders. Most local actors thought PBF was just another project, but the majority appreciated it. There were significant delays in setting up agencies for performance monitoring, auditing, and contracting, as well as in the payment. This study shows the importance of understanding the implementation of public health interventions in Africa and of uncovering coping strategies.

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