In Search of Opportunities: Voices of children on the move in West and Central Africa

by Andrew Brooks, Pierre Ferry, Rouxanna Lokhat et al.
UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office, July 2017

22 pp. 3.7 MB

Children account for over half of the 12 million West and Central African people on the move each year, with some 75 per cent of them remaining in sub-Saharan Africa, and less than one in five heading to Europe. The publication looks at the main drivers behind regional child migration and displacement, as well as longer-term implications for the region if these large scale population movements intensify as projected with current trends in population growth. The report finds that the region lacks sufficient protection systems – both within and across borders – to ensure the safety and wellbeing of refugee and migrant children, a gap which will become more pronounced with the projected increase in both national populations and migration.

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