Preliminary findings from a malnutrition mobile app randomised trial in Wajir, Kenya

by Natalie Roschnik, Joanne Chui and Emily Keane
Transform Nutrition Research Brief, June 2017

4 pp. 1.8 MB

A mobile health application developed to help health workers do Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition(IMAM) was evaluated in 40 health facilities in Wajir Kenya. The study found that the app reduced the number of reporting errors by 25%, provided caseload and treatment data to decision makers within 1.3 days of collection, increased the accuracy and reliability of treatment outcome data and improved health workers’ adherence to the IMAM treatment protocol. The IMAM app has the potential to drastically improve the speed of response to surges in caseloads, identify and resolve operational bottlenecks and improve quality of care and treatment effectiveness. However, its effectiveness is dependent on health workers being well trained and ongoing software support being available to ensure that the app functions properly.

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