“We do not dare to love”: women with disabilities’ sexual and reproductive health and rights in rural Cambodia

by Alexandra Gartrell, Klaus Baesel & Cornelia Becker
Reproductive Health Matters, Vol. 25, 2017 – Issue 50

13 pp. 565 kB

There is an urgent need for an evidence base to inform the implementation of disability inclusive sexual and reproductive health (SRH) policy and programming to address women with disabilities’ largely unattained SRH rights. This paper presents findings from a qualitative study on the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of women with disabilities in rural Cambodia. The findings highlight three critical steps to enhance the physical, communicative and financial accessibility of SRHR information and services. Together these steps will support women with disabilities to claim their sexual and reproductive rights and transform the social attitudes of persons in the lives of women with disabilities, including health care staff.

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