Assessment of progress towards universal health coverage for people with disabilities in Afghanistan: a multilevel analysis of repeated cross-sectional surveys

by Jean-Francois Trani, Praveen Kumar, Ellis Ballard et al.
The Lancet Global Health, Vol.5, Nr. 8, August 2017

10 pp. 2.7 MB

Since 2002, Afghanistan has made much effort to achieve universal health coverage. According to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, target eight, the provision of quality care to all must include usually underserved groups, including people with disabilities. The authors investigated whether a decade of international investment in the Afghan health system has brought quality health care to this group. They conclude that perceived availability of health care and experience with health-care coverage have not greatly improved for people with disabilities in Afghanistan, particularly in remote areas. Health policy in Afghanistan will need to address attitudinal, social, and accessibility barriers to health care.

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