Cash or in-kind? Why not both? Response Analysis Lessons from Multimodal Programming

by Marie Boulinaud, Jenny Coneff, Mulugeta Handino et al.
Catholic Relief Services, Samaritan’s Purse, US Agency for International Development and Cash Learning Partnership, July 2017

32 pp. 3.2 MB

This research reviews lessons learned about response analysis from multimodal responses, that is, responses in which practitioners determined that more than one response modality between cash, vouchers, and in-kind, was a “best fit” or in which the conclusions about “best fit” changed over the course of the project. The research hypothesizes that comparing the reasons for choosing different types of response within the same project and among the same beneficiaries should provide concrete examples of the relative importance of different criteria in response and, by extension, the conditions under which cash or vouchers or in-kind assistance may be most appropriate.

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