A Political Economy Analysis of Domestic Resource Mobilization in Uganda

by Anne Mette Kjær, Marianne S. Ulriksen, Jalia Kangave et al.
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) Working Paper 2017-8, June 2017

35 pp. 944 kB

Domestic resource mobilization is increasingly regarded as a central element in financing social development as well as broader development goals in the Global South, and for good reasons. As an alternative and complement to aid, the mobilization of domestic resources can bridge critical funding gaps, enhance national ownership, and strengthen citizen influence on the spending priorities of governments, all factors that have the potential to improve social development. This paper draws together analyses and findings from four UNRISD working papers on domestic resource mobilization in Uganda produced as part of the research project Politics of Domestic Resource Mobilization for Social Development.

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