Minding the gaps: health financing, universal health coverage and gender

by Sophie Witter, Veloshnee Govender, TK Sundari Ravindran et al.
Health Policy Plan – Published: 25 July 2017

9 pp. 181 kB

In a webinar in 2015 on health financing and gender, the question was raised why we need to focus on gender, given that a well-functioning system moving towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) will automatically be equitable and gender balanced. This article provides a reflection on this question from a panel of health financing and gender experts. The authors conclude that countries should adopt an equitable approach towards achieving UHC and, therefore, prioritize high-need groups and those requiring additional financial protection, in particular women and children. This constitutes the ‘progressive universalism’ advocated for by the 2013 Lancet Commission on Investing in Health.

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