Improving HIV test uptake and case finding with assisted partner notification services

by Shona Dalal, Cheryl Johnson, Virginia Fonner et al.
AIDS: 24 August 2017, Vol. 31, Issue 13, pp. 1867–1876

10 pp. 553 kB

Despite the enormous expansion of HIV testing services (HTS), an estimated 40% of people with HIV infection remain undiagnosed. To enhance the efficiency of HTS, new approaches are needed. The WHO conducted a systematic review on the effectiveness of assisted partner notification in improving HIV test uptake and diagnosis, and the occurrence of adverse events, to inform the development of normative guidelines. The authors conclude that assisted partner notification improved partner testing and diagnosis of HIV-positive partners, with few reports of harm. WHO strongly recommends voluntary assisted HIV partner notification services to be offered as part of a comprehensive package of testing and care.

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