Partnering with Mobile Network Operators in Zimbabwe to deliver humanitarian cash transfers

by Donald Chauke, Brighton Bhanzi, Emily Abel et al.
CARE International and World Vision, July 2017

16 pp. 4.1 MB

This case study explores the partnership between CARE International and World Vision with two mobile network operators to deliver the first humanitarian cash transfer programme to be carried out on a large scale in Zimbabwe.

The study investigates:

  • The process of engagement between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and CARE
  • Clarity of roles between CARE/World Vision International (WVI) as implementing agencies and MNOs
  • Successes and challenges in the partnership between CARE/WVI and the MNOs
  • Measures taken to manage the impact of the liquidity crisis on the programme’s objectives

Based on lessons learned, the study concludes with a series of recommendations for future cash transfer programmes.

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