Harmonization of community health worker programs for HIV: A four-country qualitative study in Southern Africa

by Jan-Walter De Neve, Henri Garrison-Desany, Kathryn G. Andrews et al.
PLoS Med 14(8): e1002374 – Published: August 8, 2017

24 pp. 949 kB

Community health worker (CHW) programs are believed to be poorly coordinated, poorly integrated into national health systems, and lacking long-term support. Duplication of services, fragmentation, and resource limitations may have impeded the potential impact of CHWs for achieving HIV goals. This study assesses mediators of a more harmonized approach to implementing large-scale CHW programs for HIV in the context of complex health systems and multiple donors. The authors provide 5 policy recommendations to harmonize CHW programs in order to strengthen and sustain the role of CHWs in HIV service delivery.

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