Scrub typhus: risks, diagnostic issues, and management challenges

by John Antony Jude Prakash
Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine, Vol. 2017:8. pp. 73—83, 7 August 2017

11 pp. 208 kB

Scrub typhus is an acute febrile illness in South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Northern Australia (the “tsutsugamushi triangle”), transmitted by chiggers that can be treated effectively if detected early. Laboratory testing, including molecular and serological assays, is needed for confirming the diagnosis, especially in the absence of the pathognomonic eschar. In this review, factors that play a role in disease occurrence and clinical clues for diagnosis, in addition to risk factors contributing to disease severity, including mortality, are discussed in detail. Moreover, issues related to diagnostic assays, treatment, and mixed infections are also enumerated and described.

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