Cash Transfers and Health: Evidence from Tanzania

by David K. Evans, Brian Holtemeyer, Katrina Kosec
World Bank Group, Africa Region, Office of the Chief Economist, November 2016

52 pp. 1.3 MB

How do cash transfers conditioned on health clinic visits and school attendance impact health-related outcomes? Examining the 2010 randomized introduction of a program in Tanzania, this paper finds nuanced impacts. An initial surge in clinic visits after 1.5 years – due to more visits by those already complying with program health conditions and by non-compliers – disappeared after 2.5 years, largely due to compliers reducing above-minimal visits. The study finds significant increases in take-up of health insurance and the likelihood of seeking treatment when ill. Health improvements were concentrated among children ages 0–5 years rather than the elderly, and took time to materialize.

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