Monitoring Health in the Sustainable Development Goals: 2017 update

World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia, August 2017

63 pp. 5.2 MB

This new publication provides an update to last year’s first analysis of Health in the Sustainable Development Goals: where we are now in the South-East Asia Region; what next. What is new in this publication? First, there is an overview of how near or far countries are from achieving the 2030 SDG health targets. This is possible for 16 out of the 38 indicators presented here, for which global targets have been set. In future, we will be able to report in this way for progressively more indicators, as global targets are agreed upon. Second, the final indicators of the global SDG indicator framework agreed to earlier this year are used in this report. This includes the revised universal health coverage (UHC) indicator on financial protection.

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