Social protection for resilience building: Supporting livelihoods in protracted crises, fragile and humanitarian contexts

by Natalia Winder Rossi, Federico Spano, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler et al.
Institute of Development Studies, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, August 2017

52 pp. 3.9 MB

The paper discusses the role that social protection can play in saving livelihoods while also enhancing the capacity of households to respond, cope and withstand threats and crises. The paper builds on FAO Social Protection Framework (FAO, 2017) and focuses on the role of social protection systems in humanitarian contexts, with a closer look at protracted crises and a discussion on the importance of shock-sensitive and responsive systems, even in stable contexts. The paper acknowledges that strengthening resilience at national and community levels requires a multisector approach, where risk-informed social protection interventions, including cash transfers, can become a critical component.

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