Retention of qualified healthcare workers in rural Senegal: lessons learned from a qualitative study

by Nagai M, Fujita N, Diouf IS et al.
Rural and Remote Health 17: 4149. (Online) 2017

15 pp. 358 kB

Deployment and retention of a sufficient number of skilled and motivated human resources for health (HRH) at the right place and at the right time are critical to ensure people’s right to access a universal quality of health care. Vision Tokyo 2010 Network, an international network of HRH managers at the ministry of health (MoH) level in nine Francophone African countries, identified maldistribution of a limited number of healthcare personnel and their retention in rural areas as overarching problems in the member countries. The authors conclude that improved HRH management, e.g. the transparency of human resource management by the MoH, was identified as a pre-condition of any policy implementation related to HRH. This factor can be considered in other countries struggling to retain healthcare workers in rural areas.

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