2017 Transformative Accountability for Adolescents

Accountability for the Health and Human Rights of Women, Children and Adolescents in the 2030 Agenda

by Yeliz Çiçek, Amina Ali Darani, Jonas Søndergaard-Jepsen et al.
World Health Organization (acting as the host organization for the Independent Accountability Panel for Every Woman, Every Child, Every Adolescent), 2017

64 pp. 1.1 MB

Adolescents, who number 1.2 billion, or 1 in 6 of the global population, are the key for progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But today, the health and rights of millions of adolescents are at risk of being eroded, and they face a host of threats. Every year, 1.2 million adolescents die, often from preventable causes – such as violence, suicide,  pregnancy-related complications among girls, HIV/AIDS, road injuries and drowning, as well as diseases and respiratory infections. As the report states, however, high impact, cost effective solutions to improve adolescent health can yield huge benefits and billions in savings that can place them on better tracks for life, reaping demographic dividends.

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