Early Moments Matter for every child

by Pia Rebello Britto, Tara Dooley, Yasmine Hage et al.
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), September 2017

83 pp. 3.3 MB

Approximately 85 million children under 5 – 40% of them in the US and Bangladesh – are growing up in countries that lack three key parenting and early education policies, according to this report by UNICEF. The report also says 20% of children under 5 are routinely left unsupervised and 80% are frequently subjected to violent discipline. For nations, the price of not investing in early moments is children with poorer health, fewer learning skills and reduced earning potential. It is a weaker economy and a greater burden on health, education and welfare systems. It is intergenerational cycles of disadvantage that hinder equitable growth and prosperity. For children, especially children from disadvantaged communities, the price of this failure is lost potential.

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