Supplement: Evaluating the Impact of Malaria Control Interventions in sub-Saharan Africa

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene – Volume 97, Issue 3_Suppl, 2017

All articles Open Access at:

The articles included in this supplement describe advances in how evaluations can be conducted in resource-poor settings and how links can be established between malaria interventions and health outcomes while disentangling potential confounders. They exploit a range of methodological techniques (establishing a plausibility argument, dose-response analyses, interrupted time series analyses, and retrospective cohort analysis) and data sources (household survey data, routine health management information systems, and climate data). By using multiple approaches and data sources, the articles add to the body of evidence demonstrating that malaria interventions have contributed to substantial reductions in malaria and in childhood mortality; the wide-scale deployment of malaria interventions has led to a world very different from that of 15 years ago.

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