The End of HESP-News Briefing and RSS Feed

Dear colleagues,

20 years ago “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit” (GTZ) made use of the upcoming electronic communication by starting a Newsletter called “Health, Population, and Nutrition (HPN) – News & Notes” mainly for Information exchange between headquarters and its worldwide projects. A few years later the newsletter was opened up to the public and soon had more than 800 subscribers from all over the world. In exchange with our subscribers we developed the newsletter to its present format and title: “Health and Social Protection (HESP) News Briefing”. Thankfully GTZ/GIZ and its parent Ministry BMZ continued throughout the last 20 years to financially support the creation and distribution of more than 500 issues of the newsletter. Feedback from our subscribers confirmed that the news – either as newsletter or as RSS Feed – prevented them to drown in a sea of information.

Unfortunately we were recently informed that BMZ Dept. Health, Population Policy & Social Protection is “re-prioritizing” and that GIZ is short of funds. Therefore BMZ/GIZ support to HESP-News Briefing will be ending with this issue. We are not sure whether and how to continue on probably a smaller scale with our nearly 900 newsletter subscribers and our 18,000 RSS Feed subscribers. Any suggestions are welcome to:

Download the last issue of HESP-News Briefing (32 pp. 1.3 MB) at:

Thanking for your continuous feedback and support, I remain sincerely yours,

Dieter Neuvians MD

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