A new use for an old tool: maternity waiting homes to improve equity in rural childbirth care. Results from a cross-sectional hospital and community survey in Tanzania

by Piera Fogliati, Manuela Straneo, Sabina Mangi et al.
Health Policy and Planning, czx100 – Published: 10 October 2017

7 pp. 150 kB

The authors aimed to determine whether Maternity Waiting Homes (MWHs) may be a tool to improve access of lower socio-economic women to facilities providing advanced management of childbirth complications. In multivariable analysis, age, education, marital status and obstetric factors were not significantly associated with MWH stay. Adjusted odds ratios for MWH stay increased progressively with distance from the hospital. Poorer women were more likely to access the MWH before hospital delivery compared with the wealthiest quintile. Policy makers should consider MWH as a tool to mitigate inequity in rural childbirth care.

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