The State of Food and Agriculture 2017 – Leveraging food systems for inclusive rural transformation

by Rob Vos, Andrea Cattaneo, Kostas Stamoulis et al.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), October 2017

181 pp. 4.9 MB

Millions of young people in developing countries who are poised to enter the labour force in the coming decades need not flee rural areas to escape poverty, argues this FAO report. Rural areas actually have vast potential for economic growth pegged to food production and related sectors, the report says. And with the majority of the world’s poor and hungry living in these areas, achieving the 2030 development agenda will hinge on unlocking that oft-neglected potential, it adds. Doing so will require overcoming a thorny combination of low productivity in subsistence agriculture, limited scope for industrialization in many places, and rapid population growth and urbanization — all of which pose challenges to developing nations’ capacity to feed and employ their citizens.

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