HESP-News & Notes 20/2017 – Latest Issue


Dear colleagues,

when we announced the closure of HESP-News Briefing end of September 2017 we received quite a number of messages from disappointed subscribers. A typical one is the following:

Dear all, 

this is the saddest news that has come up for a long time! 

We have all appreciated your outstanding work during many years and I can even say, we have been waiting fortnightly to see the HESP notes popping up in our inbox. 

Numerous students in various LRS countries have profited from your work and I cannot say how much I feel sorry for this development. 

I still think that for our students it is hard to find subscription-free, condensed, digested and undirectional access to international papers. 

If this decision is undetournable, may I suggest to help us with some explanations and directions in terms of where to turn to now when bandwith and capacity is limited and Information on latest publications is so much needed. 

Thank you for all your much appreciated work and hoping to find directions,Andreas S. and numerous BSc, Master and doctorate students in Malawi

As we mentioned in the previous issue of HESP-News Briefing we shall try our level best to continue with our HESP News & Notes albeit on a smaller level and perhaps less frequently. You can download the latest issue (20/2017, PDF 27 pp. 900 kB) here.

For comments write to d.neuvians@online.de

Dieter Neuvians MD
Editor and Administrator

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