Outpatient Management of Children with World Health Organization Chest Indrawing Pneumonia: Implementation Risks and Proposed Solutions

by Eric D McCollum and Amy Sarah Ginsburg
Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 65, Issue 9, 16 October 2017, pp. 1560–1564,

5 pp. 116 kB

This Viewpoints article details recommendation for the World Health Organization Integrated Management of Childhood Illness guidelines to consider additional referral or daily monitoring criteria for children with chest indrawing pneumonia in low-resource settings. The authors review chest indrawing physiology in children and relate this to the risk of adverse pneumonia outcomes. They believe there is sufficient evidence to support referring or daily monitoring of children with chest indrawing pneumonia and signs of severe respiratory distress, oxygen saturation <93% (when not at high altitude), moderate malnutrition, or an unknown human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status in an HIV-endemic setting.

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