The effect of a performance-based financing program on HIV and maternal/child health services in Mozambique – an impact evaluation

by Yogesh Rajkotia, Omer Zang, Pierre Nguimkeu et al.
Health Policy and Planning, 0, 2017, 1–11, Published: 23 October 2017

11 pp. 260 kB

Performance-based financing (PBF) is a mechanism by which health providers are paid on the basis of outputs or results delivered. A PBF program was implemented on the provision of HIV, prevention of mother-to child HIV transmission (PMTCT), and maternal/child health (MCH) services in two provinces of Mozambique. A retrospective case–control study design was used in which PBF provinces were matched with control provinces to evaluate the impact of PBF on 18 indicators. The authors conclude that the PBF program in Mozambique has produced large, sustained increases in the provision of PMTCT, paediatric HIV and MCH services. The results demonstrate that PBF is an effective strategy for driving down the HIV epidemic and advancing MCH care service delivery as compared with input financing alone.

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