Pathways to high and low performance: factors differentiating primary care facilities under performance-based financing in Nigeria

by Shunsuke Mabuchi, Temilade Sesan, Sara C Bennett
Health Policy and Planning, Published: 25 October 2017

18 pp. 3.2 MB

This study investigated health facilities under the pilot performance-based financing (PBF) scheme in Nigeria, and aimed to understand which factors differentiated primary health care centres (PHCCs) which had performed well, vs. those which had not, with a focus on health facility management practices. This study findings suggest a strong need to select capable and motivated health centre managers, provide long-term coaching in managerial skills, and motivate them to improve their practices. The study also highlights the need to position engagement with community leaders as a key management practice and a central element of interventions to improve PHCC performance.

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