Testing for chronic hepatitis B and C – a global perspective

Edited by Philippa Easterbrook, Roger Chou, Margaret Hellard and Philippa Harris
BMC Infectious Diseases 2017 17(Suppl 1):703 – Published: 1 November 2017


An estimated 71 million people worldwide are chronically infected with hepatitis C and 257 million with hepatitis B. In 2016, WHO set a target of a 90% reduction in new chronic infections and a 65% reduction in mortality by 2030 from 2015 levels. For this to happen, it is crucial to increase the number of people being tested for viral hepatitis. This supplement acts as a companion guide to provide more information on the rationale used for the development of the WHO guidelines on hepatitis B and C testing. http://www.who.int/hepatitis/publications/guidelines-hepatitis-c-b-testing/en/

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