Health Policy and Planning Supplement: Achieving integration for stronger health systems: lessons from integrating sexual & reproductive health and HIV services

Health Policy and Planning, Vol. 32, Issue suppl_4, 1 November 2017

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The articles in this Supplement clearly illustrate that any focus on integrating health services needs to include a broader systems-wide, people-centred approach if it is to be both successful and sustainable. In context of the sustainable development goals, which recognise the interconnectedness of sectors, the ability to provide joined-up packages of services to meet changing health—and development—needs becomes increasingly relevant. Moreover, health needs are going to change significantly in the coming 50 years with increased life expectancies, aging populations and the disease burden shift from infectious to chronic diseases as well as climate-related changes in patterns of vector-borne diseases. Health systems need to adapt to these changing needs and the integration research in this Supplement shows that a key way of being resilient to change and difficult conditions is building flexible workers who support each other in teams with good communication and leadership.

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