How do external donors influence national health policy processes? Experiences of domestic policy actors in Cambodia and Pakistan

by Mishal S Khan, Ankita Meghani, Marco Liverani et al.
Health Policy and Planning, czx145, Published: 09 December 2017

9 pp. 159 kB

Although concerns have historically been raised about the influence of external donors on health policy process in recipient countries, remarkably few studies have investigated perspectives and experiences of domestic policymakers and advisers. This study examines donor influence at different stages of the health policy process (priority setting, policy formulation, policy implementation and monitoring and evaluation) in two aid-dependent LMICs, Cambodia and Pakistan. It identifies mechanisms through which asymmetries in influence between donors and domestic policy actors emerge. This study helps unpack the nuances of donor influence over health policymaking in these settings, and can potentially indicate areas that require attention to increase the ownership of domestic actors of their countries’ health policy processes.

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