Universal Social Protection Floors: Costing Estimates and Affordability in 57 Lower Income Countries

by Isabel Ortiz, Fabio Durán-Valverde, Karuna Pal et al.
Extension of Social Security (ESS) Working Paper, International Labour Organization (ILO), 2017

74 pp. 2.5 MB

This paper presents the results of costing universal social protection floors in 34 lower middle-income, and 23 low-income countries, consisting of: (i) allowances for all children and all orphans; (ii) maternity benefits for all women with newborns; (iii) benefits for all persons with severe disabilities, and (iv) universal old-age pensions. The paper additionally reviews potential areas of fiscal space for the necessary extension of social protection systems, and concludes that universal social protection floors are feasible in the majority of developing countries.

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