FP2020 The Way Ahead 2016 – 2017

by FP2020Global, 2017

187 pp. 5.2 MB

FP2020 is built on the premise that the life-changing benefits of modern contraception should be available everywhere in the world. The vision that draws them forward is of a future where every woman and girl is able to take charge of her own life, plan her own family, and determine her own destiny. They aim to realize that vision through country-led family planning programs that are grounded in a rights based approach, informed by broad stakeholder engagement, implemented using evidence-based practices, underpinned by a robust measurement agenda, funded through sustainable financing streams, and accountable to all. This report includes a step-by-step overview of how FP2020 countries, donors, and partners work together to implement programs that are grounded in human rights principles, based on evidence and data, and accountable to stakeholders.

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