Mobile instant messaging for rural community health workers: a case from Malawi

by Christoph Pimmer, Susan Mhango, Alfred Mzumara et al.
Global Health Action 10(1), September 2017

12 pp. 1.4 MB

Mobile instant messaging (MIM) tools, such as WhatsApp, have transformed global communication practice. In the field of global health, MIM is an increasingly used, but little understood, phenomenon. It remains unclear how MIM can be used by rural community health workers (CHWs) and their facilitators, and what are the associated benefits and constraints. To address this gap, WhatsApp groups were implemented and researched in a rural setting in Malawi. Despite some challenges and constraints, the implementation of WhatsApp was received positively by the CHWs and it was found to be a useful tool to support distributed rural health work.

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