Health promotion, partnership and intersectoral action

Special Issue: Health Promotion International, Vol. 32, Issue 6, 1 December 2017

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Health promotion, since its inception, has recognized the impact that sectors other than the health sector have on the experience of human health. Evidence has shown that education, income, social position and many other economic, political and social factors either support, or inhibit, people’s access to and experience of health, health equity and wellbeing. The imperative to address social determinants has been met with a key strategy in health promotion – intersectoral action. By partnering with sectors outside the health sector, we are better able to address the underlying causes of the conditions which create health and, especially, health disparities. This virtual issue of Health Promotion International has been specially curated by Dr J. Hope Corbin to highlight pivotal work published in the journal on partnership and intersectoral action.

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