A Neglected Epidemic

by Barry R. Bloom
N Engl J Med 378;3  – January 18, 2018

3 pp. 162 kB

Imagine a global epidemic with more than 10 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths in a single year, far greater than the 28,600 cases and 11,315 deaths that were caused by Ebola virus disease in West Africa in 2014 and 2015. In addition, this imagined epidemic affects every country and kills about 25% of patients with HIV/AIDS in Africa. And think about a half million patients with the disease who are resistant to treatment, who represent a threat to communities and to health care providers. One does not need a great imagination to recognize that this is the current state of tuberculosis, which now exceeds HIV/AIDS and malaria as the largest cause of death from an infectious disease in the world.

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