Humanitarian Surge

Learning from the Transforming Surge Capacity Project 2015-2018

by Alessandra Tranquilli, Chaudhry Inayatullah, Pamela Grafilo et al.
Transforming Surge Capacity Project Management Unit, 2018

70 pp. 7.4 MB

In 2015 the Start Network launched a three-year Transforming Surge Capacity (TSC) project financed with UK aid. With a geographic focus on Asia, the agencies involved in the project have each taken the lead on and contributed to specific areas in which they have specialised skills and knowledge. In order to implement the project, collaborative platforms were established at national, regional and international levels. Platforms were created in the Philippines, Pakistan and Bangkok. This report has gathered data from project agencies and platforms with the aim of highlighting learning emanating from the project in order to support the humanitarian sector towards more effective surge practices.

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