Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Vol. 96, Nr. 2, February 2018


This month’s issue has a special focus on emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance to accompany this year’s Prince Mahidol Award Conference in Thailand.

In editorials, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Patricia Espinosa (78) draw attention to an initiative to protect people in small island developing states from the health impacts of climate change.

Etienne Langlois et al. (79) argue that qualitative evidence should be used to improve health guidelines.

In the news section, Sophie Cousins (82–83) reports on efforts to control bovine tuberculosis and prevent human exposure to infected meat and dairy products.

Marion Koopmans tells Fiona Fleck (84–85) why the world needs a new global network to respond to emerging infectious diseases.

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