Historical perspective: Revisiting the St. Lucia Project, a multi-year comparison trial of schistosomiasis control strategies

by Julianne A. Ivy, Charles H. King, Joseph A. Cook et al.
PLoS Negl Trop Dis 12(1): e0006223 – January 31, 2018

7 pp. 1.8 MB

In 1965, the government of St. Lucia and the Rockefeller Foundation undertook what became a sixteen-year project to determine the optimal strategy for controlling locally-endemic schistosomiasis mansoni. Now fifty years later, the island has maintained its control of the parasite and may be on the cusp of achieving national Schistosoma mansoni elimination status. There are many other countries still fighting endemic schistosomiasis, and for them, achieving elimination might seem an elusive goal. However, the research evidence from the St. Lucia project, as documented in its nearly 140 research publications and as summarized in book form by Peter Jordan in 1985 [Schistosomiasis: The St. Lucia Project, Cambridge University Press], provides many lessons that can be applied to countries battling Schistosoma transmission today.

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