Mainstreaming 2.0: How Europe’s Education Systems Can Boost Migrant Inclusion

by Aliyyah Ahad and Meghan Benton
Integration Futures Working Group, February 2018

46 pp. 1.8 MB

Children who arrive in Europe as immigrants or who have immigrant parents face a variety of barriers to success in European school systems. Some may not speak the language of instruction fluently or have interrupted prior schooling. This report examines the steps European education systems are taking (or might take) to give all students an equitable shot at academic and future labour-market success. It also considers the role schools are increasingly playing in efforts to support the integration of new and longstanding immigrant communities. From ensuring that all school staff are equipped to support diverse classrooms to improving governance structures to prepare for future demographic and social changes, the authors highlight key lessons learned in the education and adjacent policy fields.

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