Don’t Push It: Why the formula milk industry must clean up its act

by Frances Mason, Hannah Greer, Kevin Watkins et al.
The Save the Children Fund, 2018

66 pp. 5.0 MB

Breastfeeding saves lives. It’s estimated that 823,000 child deaths could be prevented each year in low and middle-income countries if breastfeeding were adopted at close-to-universal levels. The new report looks at the aggressive marketing activities of six global formula milk companies – RB, Abbott, Kraft Heinz, FrieslandCampina, Danone and Nestlé – that together own more than 50% of the market in breast-milk substitutes. The report looks at the scale and impact of these marketing activities. Much of the growth of the formula milk industry stems from powerful marketing campaigns, and in some parts of the world, offer gifts to health care workers as incentives to distribute formula, that lead mothers to limit breastfeeding, or even abandon it completely in favour of formula milk.

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