From research to evidence-informed decision making: a systematic approach

by Charlotte C Poot, Rianne M van der Kleij, Evelyn A Brakema et al.
Journal of Public Health, Vol. 40, Issue suppl_1, 1 March 2018, Pages i3–i12

10 pp. 780 kB

Knowledge creation forms an integral part of the knowledge-to-action framework aimed at bridging the gap between research and evidence-informed decision making. Although principles of science communication, data visualisation and user-centred design largely impact the effectiveness of communication, their role in knowledge creation is still limited. Hence, this article aims to provide researchers a systematic approach on how knowledge creation can be put into practice. The proposed approach offers researchers a systematic, practical and easy-to-implement tool to facilitate effective knowledge creation towards decision-makers in healthcare. Through the integration of core components of knowledge creation evidence-informed decision making will ultimately be optimized.

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