From global action against malaria to local issues: state of the art and perspectives of web platforms dealing with malaria information

by Dominique Briand, Emmanuel Roux, Jean Christophe Desconnets et al.
Malaria Journa, l2018, 17:122 – Published: 21 March 2018

13 pp. 3.2 MB

Since prehistory to present times and despite a rough combat against it, malaria remains a concern for human beings. While evolutions of science and technology through times allowed for some infectious diseases eradication in the 20th century, malaria resists. This review aims at assessing how Internet and web technologies are used in fighting malaria. Precisely, how do malaria fighting actors profit from these developments, how do they deal with ensuing phenomena, such as the increase of data volume, and did these technologies bring new opportunities for fighting malaria?

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