Synthesis: exploring multi-sectoral programming at the sub-national level in Senegal, Nepal and Kenya

by Tui Swinnen, Jeremy Shoham and Carmel Dolan
Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), 2018

18 pp. 2.0 MB

For practitioners and policymakers working in nutrition, there is limited evidence and documentation available on how nutrition-sensitive and multi-sector programmes are being operationalised, and how these programmes interact with existing institutional architecture and structures at the sub-national level. Documentation has often centred around policies, strategies and frameworks at the national level and guidance is still fairly generic and “top down”. This series comprises 3 country case studies from selected “high achieving” Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) countries with a strong track record in championing and improving undernutrition – Kenya, Nepal and Senegal. The country case studies are accompanied by a synthesis document that draws out key lessons.

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