The Water Gap – The State of the World’s Water 2018

by Carolynne Wheeler, Fiona Callister, Louisa Gosling et al.
WaterAid, March 2018

24 pp. 1.0 MB

2018 may well be remembered as the year one of the world’s great tourist destinations ran out of water. In a startling reminder that our world’s most precious resource is becoming increasingly scarce for too much of the population, Cape Town hit the headlines for declaring a date for Day Zero: the day on which city taps run dry. But long queues and limited water supplies are already happening in many other less headline-worthy locales, reminding us of the need for better and fairer management of Earth’s water supply. The report reveals the countries where people are struggling most for clean water, highlights those countries that have made the most progress, and calls upon the world’s governments to address the injustice of the water crisis.

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