Sustainable Survival for adolescents living with HIV: do SDG‐aligned provisions reduce potential mortality risk?

by Lucie Cluver, Marija Pantelic, Mark Orkin et al.
Journal of the International AIDS Society 2018, 21(S1):e25056 – First published: 27 February 2018

6 pp. 135 kB

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present a groundbreaking global development agenda to protect the most vulnerable. Adolescents living with HIV in Sub‐Saharan Africa continue to experience extreme health vulnerabilities, but we know little about the impacts of SDG‐aligned provisions on their health. This study tests associations of provisions aligned with five SDGs with potential mortality risks. The authors conclude that SDG-aligned provisions across a range of SDGs were associated with reduced potential mortality risk among adolescents living with HIV. Access to multiple provisions has the potential to substantially improve survival, suggesting the value of connecting and combining SDGs in our response to paediatric and adolescent HIV.

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