Health & Social Protection News & Notes 03/2018

Dear colleagues,

HESP News & Notes issue 03/2018 has been published (31 pp. 1.0 MB) and can be downloaded here.

The United Nations has released its annual World Happiness Report, which lists Finland as the happiest country and Burundi as the least happy. The 2018 World Happiness Report also charts the steady decline of the US as the world’s largest economy grapples with a crisis of obesity, substance abuse and depression. The rankings are based on a survey asking participants to subjectively rank quality of life combined with various statistical data.

Commemorating World Water Day we have assembled a few articles about the state of the world’s water; and also a few publications referring to World Tuberculosis Day 2018

Enjoy the reading and distribute to friends and colleagues.

Dieter Neuvians MD

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