Multidisciplinary and multisectoral coalitions as catalysts for action against antimicrobial resistance: Implementation experiences at national and regional levels

by Mohan P. Joshi, Chifumbe Chintu, Mirfin Mpundu et al.
Global Public Health, 2018 – Published online: 20 March 2018

16 pp. 1.6 MB

In its 2015 Global Action Plan on antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the World Health Organization called on member states to ‘promote and support establishment of multisectoral (one-health) coalitions to address AMR at local or national level, and participation in such coalitions at regional and global levels.’ The work in coalition building carried out by local stakeholders in Zambia, Ethiopia, and Namibia and at the regional level through the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network, has recently been published in the peer-reviewed journal Global Public Health.

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