Task shifting between physicians and nurses in acute care hospitals: cross-sectional study in nine countries

by Claudia B. Maier, Julia Köppen and Reinhard Busse
Human Resources for Health 2018, 16:24 – Published on: 25 May 2018

12 pp.402 kB

Countries vary in the extent to which reforms have been implemented expanding nurses’ Scopes-of- Practice (SoP). There is limited cross-country research if and how reforms affect clinical practice, particularly in hospitals. This study analyses health professionals’ perceptions of role change and of task shifting between the medical and nursing professions in nine European countries. The authors conclude that higher levels of changes to staff roles and task shifting were reported in the Netherlands, England and Scotland, suggesting that professional boundaries have shifted, for instance on chemotherapy or prescribing medicines. For most tasks, however, a partial instead of full task shifting is practice.

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